I'm Raquel (she/her), a clinically trained social worker, practicing in the mental health field since 2016. I am a Queer-affirming professional and Queer/Bisexual myself. I'm looking forward to helping you get what you're looking for out of therapy.

Whatever issues you’re hoping to process or work through with a therapist, I'm here to help. Please note that I prioritize clients seeking support in my areas of specializations (disordered eating, anxiety related disorders, depressive disorders, and grief/loss).

Certified in Intuitive Eating Counselling, I use this approach with clients who are interested in healing their relationship with their body and/or food. Whether you’ve struggled with body image and diet cycling throughout your life or are in recovery from disordered eating, this approach could be just what you’re looking for. 

I am a WPATH trained clinician and am able to complete Trans Health Readiness Assessments and letters of support for Gender Affirming Surgery. I am able to provide this service to adult individuals living in Nova Scotia.

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